The Wind Beneath Jimmy’s Wings

Kristie Lefebvre Tells Her Story:

Kristie-feeding-a-baby-goat-on-the-side-of-the-road-May-7,-2018 Kristie Lefebvre had never even driven a motorhome. When her husband Jimmy suggested the Can-Survive Walk to her, she had a couple of reservations.
Kristie feeding a baby goat on the side of the road May 7, 2018

“I thought he was crazy,” says Kristie, thinking back to before the Lefebvre family started their 5,716 km walk across most of Canada. “If Jimmy’s father could see this, he also would think his son was nuts,” she adds. “I’m sure he would have supported Jimmy though, but he also would have told him he was crazy, every step of the way.”

Now, with a month left before the walk concludes, Kristie has warmed up to the idea.

“It’s been great,” Kristie admits. “The kids are always smiling and having fun. It’s just been fun.”

Kristie, who’s been walking with Jimmy, his mother Rita and their three youngest kids, loves to live an active lifestyle. Her favourite pastimes are skiing, snowboarding, and hiking. Through fitness training and healthy living, she lost 54 pounds and feels like she has a lot more energy. One of her hopes is that through sharing her family’s story with the Can-Survive Walk people will become more aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and realize that “they can live longer by being active and healthy and by keeping their body moving”.


The Great Northern Ontario Unicorn

With a career as a nurse’s assistant, Kristie is passionate about helping those in need.

“I really like helping people,” Kristie says. “I love helping the needy; helping the people that need help. I used to work with people with disabilities, I did that for about 10 years. That’s what I really enjoy.”

Covering approximately 46 kilometres per day over the course of about 8-10 hours each day, Kristie and the family have settled into a routine, where Kristie and Rita swap places driving the motorhome along the shoulder of the highway, while Jimmy communicates with them over a radio.

“It was a little bit of a struggle at first until we figured out a routine and a pattern,” Kristie explains. “After we figured that out, it hasn’t been too bad. It’s actually been quite enjoyable — all the things we’ve been seeing and doing.


The Lefebvres Make it to Kakabeka Falls-June 24

“[In the beginning] I didn’t want to do it, but slowly things got more exciting and now it feels more like an adventure.”

The stop in Thunder Bay was the family’s first day off since they started their walk.

“One of the best parts of the walk so far was Thunder Bay,” Kristie recalls, “Seeing the Terry Fox memorial and monument was pretty inspirational. We met the acting mayor of Thunder Bay and he presented Jimmy with a medal.”

Another highlight of the journey also happened in Thunder Bay where the family was honoured at a baseball game. The kids were able to participate by throwing the first pitch and singing the national anthem.

Thinking about walking across Canada yourself or with your family? Kristie has a few words of advice: “Don’t do it with a motorhome following you!” Apparently, it can be a bit of a challenge to drive. But as with many things in life, Kristie’s found joy in constantly moving forward.

The Lefebvre Foundation was created in memory of Simon Lefebvre, who died of cancer in 2016. The Foundation’s goal is to raise endowment funds to help society become and live cancer free through the effective use of awareness, education, support and treatment for the physical and mental health and well-being of all those who are affected by cancer.

The Can-Survive Walk is a 5,716-kilometre walk being completed by Simon’s son, Jimmy Lefebvre and his family. The Lefebvre’s will walk 7.2 million steps from Grande Prairie, Alberta to Saint Louis, Prince Edward Island between May 1 and August 31, 2018.

To support the Can-Survive Walk, visit our Donations page. Donations both big and small will go towards the L Foundation’s endowment fund. Thanks in advance for your support! To date, over $24,700 has been raised to eradicate this dreadful illness. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, over 80,000 people in Canada died from the disease in 2017.

2 thoughts on “The Wind Beneath Jimmy’s Wings

  1. Beautiful story so full of love, endurance and adventure! Such a beautiful family and proud to be your cousin Kristie!🤗 Jimmy and Kristie you are an inspiration to so many you would not believe it! Keep walking strong and safely in your Dad’s memory! Brings tears to me eyes! Love you all! The kids have been incredible and so beautiful to have Rita sharing this journey of a lifetime! Your almost there!! So so proud of you all! ❤️🤗😘

  2. So well spoken Kristi. You and your family are in the process of doing something most people would not consider. Lack of commitment and lack of interest hold them back. One thinks very differently when cancer takes the life of one you love so dearly. Your family is making a difference. SO SO proud of you all.

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