The Ups and Downs of Dylan’s Walk Across Canada

Dylan sitting by bike sign with a message from Susan - Bike Canada 2018 - AB to NFLD.

Dylan sitting by bike sign with a message from Susan – Bike Canada 2018 – AB to NFLD.

Nine-year-old Dylan Lefebvre has a wide array of things she loves to do, from figure skating to camping and from tubing to singing, Dylan is a girl who is open to trying lots of things. However, joining her dad Jimmy, mom Kristie, two brothers Kallyn and Kayden, and Meme (grandma) Rita on a walk across Canada to put an end to cancer has been something entirely new to her. Honestly, Dylan shared the sentiments that much of the rest of her family had about Jimmy’s idea to walk across Canada: Dylan thought her Dad’s idea was crazy.

“Personally, I thought he was cuckoo,” Dylan shares, “And totally crazy.”

The journey for Dylan has had a few challenges here and there.

“Having a bunch of people in a motor home all with different personalities is pretty hard,” Dylan explains. “But it’s doable.”

Dylan walks with her family a little bit every day, through heat, rain, and wind.

“The headwinds are hard,” Dylan admits. “There’s headwinds and backwinds. Headwinds are trying to push you backward, and backwinds are trying to push you forwards. We can’t do much about the wind, so we just keep walking.”

Dylan enjoying the fresh breeze from one of the many lakes in Ontario

Dylan enjoying the fresh breeze from one of the many lakes in Ontario

And to keep motivated while walking?

“Sometimes we get conversations going, and when me and Mom are out walking, we listen to music on her phone.”

Dylan’s absolute favourite musician, she mentions, is Taylor Swift.

The Can-Survive Walk has been filled with adventures, including Dylan’s first visit to Ontario.

“I’ve liked Ontario,” shares Dylan. “I like the lakes. Almost every campground has a lake.”

Recently, the Lefebvre family took a day to go boating, which has been one of Dylan’s favourite days. Another one of her loves is swimming, and she’s quite imaginative, having fun playing with her brothers where they pretend to be mermaids and sharks. She’s very creative as well, inspired to create her own Inukshuks, based on ones that she’s seen along the walk.

“We’ve seen a lot of Inukshuks. Meme calls them Nun-chucks,” Dylan laughs. “Some people made them along the side of the road. I tried to make one with Popsicle sticks.”

Dylan's and Dad's "bug-off" fashion statement in Northern Ontario

Dylan’s and Dad’s “bug-off” fashion statement in Northern Ontario

Dylan’s creativity, she also shares, has been going towards a good cause. With para-cord string, she’s been making bracelets, which she’s been selling to raise money for the Kids With Cancer Society.
“We’re selling them for $10 each,” Dylan explains. “Every bracelet that you buy gives one to a child with cancer. I also make key chains and at some point, I’d like to make dog and cat collars.”

Dylan hopes that people who hear about the walk will keep donating to the cause. She’s looking forward to celebrating in PEI at the end of the walk and going to the Toronto Zoo, Hockey Hall of Fame and even Niagara Falls. As with the rest of her family, Dylan hopes the walk will inspire others.

When asked if she has any advice for making the best out of a cross-country walk, Dylan replied:

“Push through the wind and the hills. There are lots of hills,” Dylan explains. “I don’t like the hills,” she adds. “But they do usually go down afterward.”

I think we can agree with Dylan, that with every uphill there’s a down.

The Lefebvre Foundation was created in memory of Simon Lefebvre, who died of cancer in 2016. The Foundation’s goal is to raise endowment funds to help society become and live cancer free through the effective use of awareness, education, support and treatment for the physical and mental health and well-being of all those who are affected by cancer.

The Can-Survive Walk is a 5,716-kilometre walk being completed by Simon’s son, Jimmy Lefebvre and his family. The Lefebvre’s will walk 7.2 million steps from Grande Prairie, Alberta to Saint Louis, Prince Edward Island between May 1 and August 31, 2018.

To support the Can-Survive Walk, visit our Donations page. Donations both big and small will go towards the L Foundation’s endowment fund. Thanks in advance for your support! To date, over $35,000 has been raised to eradicate this dreadful illness. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, over 80,000 people in Canada died from the disease in 2017.

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